Pinpointing Metal Detector – Wizard Vib Probe



The Wizard Pin Pointing Metal Detector is designed for very close detection so as to enable better pin pointing.

  • Pinpointing Probe Metal Detector
  • Vibrates, Sounds, Illuminates
  • Has LED Light for pinpointing in dark
  • Pistol grip design offers ergonomic comfort

Typically the units will detect a household staple at about 1/4 to 3/8 inch or so. Since this is a pin pointer the detection range is not deep. The objective is to be touching or close to touching buried metal with the tip of the detector. Wizard Vib-Probe II’s™ are precision pinpointers designed for archaeologists, forensic specialists and treasure seekers who need precision detection capabilities.

Wizard Vib-Probes were designed to detect at close distances to the tip. For use in forensic investigations and close tolerance archaeology research the Vib-Probes provide detection at close distance to avoid unwanted target artifacts. The Vib-Probes do not cause erratic detection signals caused by surrounding metallic debris. The Vib-Probe II’s provide precision detection capabilities with superior ergonomics. The Wizard Vib-Probe II’s have powerful low voltage vibrators that allow for instant recognition of tiny metal objects in noisy environments.

Unlike other probes which have only lights that can fade-out in the bright sunlight. The Wizard Vib-Probe II’s also have extra loud beepers that are easily heard when you are wearing headphones from your primary detector or when you are in noisy environments such as beaches. The Wizard Vib-Probe II’s precisely detect targets near the tip area. No other pinpointer probes have this precision capability at the same economical cost.


Color Yellow/ White
Manufacturer Part Number Wizard Vib Probe II Pinpointing Metal Detector
Material Type Plastic
Model Number Wizard Vib ProbeMetal Detector
Shipping Weight ~2 pounds


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